About Us at Event Entertainers


At Event Entertainers we have a unique understanding of the deep & positive impact the performing arts can have on audiences. Developing entertainment and productions to best fit our client’s objectives provides flexibility and personalisation, leaving audiences with a more memorable and emotionally connected experience. Our goal is to develop and create bespoke entertainment that understandably suits our client’s unique requirements and has a unique personal touch.


A boutique collective of musicians and creatives, Event Entertainers enhance your event to produce a celebration to remember. We can make your wedding memorable by booking one of our highly recommended wedding ceremony singers. Our family of artists and our consulting team are dedicated to creating beautiful musical experiences with you, that will last a lifetime. Through the experience of performance, our mission is to bring your event to life with the best entertainment and artists in the industry.



It takes a unique group of artists and entertainers to bring magic to your special day, making it absolutely perfect. Our all-day live music packages are highly popular, and our work is all personally planned alongside you & your fiancé to fit in and around your formalities across your wedding day, so each beautiful moment is perfectly underscored the entire time. Click here to read our Wedding and Event Planning Tips, and Real Weddings.


In addition to being excellent at weddings, supplying the very best of Australian Premier entertainment for corporate and event clients in Australia and Internationally is just another great thing we do. With an eye for quality, you can be assured that Event Entertainers Consultants will ensure your Corporate guests experience an event like no other.


We understand the power of live entertainment to emotionally target audiences and drive brand engagement.  Developing productions and full-scale events to best fit our client’s objectives offers flexibility and personalisation, facilitating a more memorable and emotionally connected experience.


An extra pair of hands during your planning journey can bring your wonderful wedding or event plans together seamlessly. We’re here to help plan your event as little or as much as you need. Available as an additional service to your artist booking, our services include; Working together to plan & book vendors and suppliers, and onsite event coordination on the day of your special event or wedding.


We strive to build fulfilling creative careers for artists and entertainers in Australia. Whether it’s original musicians or bands, our goal is to provide our artists with world-class opportunities to showcase their outstanding performances, every time. We work closely with artists exclusively to develop their careers, so they can keep doing exactly what they love – sharing their talent with audiences who love what they do. Want to work with us? Click here to apply.

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