It’s time to celebrate our Interview with The Other Side

Lilac, head stylist and director of Upside Down Events and host of The Other Side Lab recently interviewed our Event Entertainers Director, Josephine Ison.
Behind every great business Director, there’s a flair for creativity and inspiration. Lilac and Josie are so very similar like that! Here’s what our Director said about weddings, events, surviving the Covid-19 business downturn, and making it in the entertainment industry. It’s a fun-filled casual interview with a few nuggets of gold in there for those keen beans out there! A great watch for some behind-the-scenes insight into what we do here at Event Entertainers and just what goes on in the wedding industry!

Thank you so much to Lilac for having us as part of this exciting new series! Be sure to head over to The Other Side Lab to see more interviews with other wonderful wedding industry vendors in this series.

A fun-filled and informative interview between Josephine Ison and Upside Down Events

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