For Artists and Musicians

Mentoring For Wedding Musicians

The wedding music industry is a highly competitive and demanding field, requiring not just musical talent but also strong business skills. A great mentor can help you navigate the challenges of the wedding music business and provide you with practical advice, as well as emotional support.

Business Coaching For Wedding Musicians

Looking for career advice on how to become a wedding singer?  Learn the ins and outs of developing a quality brand and a reputable business, all whilst earning a living from performing professionally at weddings. From someone who has been there and done that, you’ll find out exactly how to build the foundations of a profitable career performing at Weddings, leaving you more time to work on your craft, or just enjoy life. 

Artist Application

Artist Application Apply to be an Artist at Event Entertainers At Event Entertainers we are currently accepting expressions of interest for Artists looking for representation and management.We’re so grateful you’re considering representation by our Talent Agency Event Entertainers. Thank you for coming this far. As our Artists will attest, we love working closely with all …

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