Here’s our wonderful list of our Favourite NSW Wedding Celebrants and a few tips and considerations to help you choose the one for you.

Get Married To Your Favourite Person By The Perfect Celebrant

Working with a Wedding Celebrant is one of the most important parts of planning your big day. If you need to choose an talented marriage celebrant in NSW, this is the list for you! A good celebrant will help you create a unique and memorable day. They’ll guide you through every step of planning so you don’t have to worry about a thing. They will help make sure that everything goes smoothly on your big day – from helping with pre-wedding planning through to making sure everyone has fun at the Ceremony on the day.  

What is the role of a Wedding Celebrant at your wedding ceremony? How do you choose one for yourself? Do they have any special skills that make them better than others? Let’s start off by discussing some things to consider when choosing a celebrant.

Claire Belford - Northern Beaches Wedding Celebrant
Claire Belford

What Does A Celebrant Do At A Wedding?

An Authorised marriage celebrant officiates your Ceremony and takes care of all the legal stuff, all whilst ensuring everyone has an enjoyable time. They help create a beautiful atmosphere with music, readings, poetry, vows, blessings, prayers, rituals, songs, speeches, laughter, tears, love and joy. They also provide guidance during the process of planning a wedding so that on the day you and your guests feel comfortable and relaxed. 

You should look for a celebrant who;

• Has experience performing weddings

• Is reliable and trustworthy

• Communicates clearly and effectively

 • Understands how important family traditions are to you

• Knows how to conduct a meaningful service

• Is a legally registered as an Authorised Commonwealth Celebrant (obviously!)

Jessie Cacchillo - NSW Wedding Celebrant
Jessie Cacchillo

What Makes Someone An Ideal Wedding Celebrant?

Planning and executing a wedding using only the best suppliers and services available makes your life infinitely easier. Here are just a few examples of why we recommend this list or our favorite NSW Wedding Celebrants and why we think these excellent humans are the best around;

  • They believe in creating meaningful and lasting memories; the lovely ones that last forever.
  • Provide excellent customer experience across all stages of your wedding celebration.
  • Offer value for money.
  • Ensures each couple receives personalized attention and care.
  • They simply love meeting new faces and connecting with wonderful old friends!
  • They’re wildly passionate about what they do and enjoy sharing that passion with our clients.
Monty King - Newcastle Wedding Celebrant
Monty King

What To Understand When Considering Your Wedding Celebrant

What does the price include?

Is it just the ceremony or does it also include all the paperwork as well? How much time will they be on site? Ask what happens if your Ceremony runs overtime. Be sure you’re aware of the full scope of their costs and packages. When it comes to wedding celebrants (and weddings in general), the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ more or less rings true. Find out how much they cost and why –> here (wedshed.com.au).

Get to know them.

Do you feel comfortable with their style or would you prefer someone else? Choose someone who makes you feel at ease and wants you to ask lots of questions. Ideally they’ll also be someone who easily gets along with people and are naturally charismatic. Make sure you are comfortable working together as a team during the process. This can go a long way to ensure you communicate effectively throughout the whole process and it’s smooth and enjoyable.

Are you looking for something traditional or modern?

A great Wedding Celebrant will take the time to get to listen and get to know you and your traditions. This will allow them to curate a personalised Ceremony that meets all your expectations.

Discuss if there’s anything specific you want included in the package.

Such as reading specific poems or playing music. A great celebrant will often be happy to make informal announcements you might need. This may include asking guests not to post photos to social media, or inviting your guests to stay around after the Ceremony for photos.

Are they any legal bits you need to know?

If you’re getting married abroad or very soon check what legal issues may surround your wedding date. Often the legal paperwork will need to be submitted well in advance of your Ceremony date itself.

Are there any traditions that you’d like to include in the Ceremony?

A great celebrant will try to understand your family traditions and will happily recommend how to include them in your Ceremony. 

Will you need music at the ceremony?

If yes, which type and when? Often a great celebrant is happy to bring their own speaker and a playback device to play your chosen songs. Alternatively, why not consider an Acoustic Duo or String Quartet. This brings live music and ambience to your Wedding Ceremony. There’s several key moments you might like to choose a song for. Check out our tips on How To Choose Those Hard To Pick Wedding Songs.

Will you meet him/her in the planning process?

Many celebrants we recommend take a personalized approach to their work to ensure a high quality wedding ceremony.  ou should always start off with a consultation where you talk through all aspects of your big day together. By taking the time to discuss everything thoroughly, you will end up with more informed decisions.

Read reviews. Follow them on Instagram.

Do your research. Look up their hashtags. Have a look at their Google listing. Find out how many couples they’ve worked with over the past 12 months and whether they have any testimonials available.

Married By Lisa - Nothern Beaches Wedding Celebrant
Married By Lisa

The List Of Our Favourite NSW Wedding Celebrants

While choosing the perfect wedding Celebrant is a hugely personal choice, here are our favorites in NSW to help you take the stress out of choosing. We’ve had the pleasure of personally working alongside each member of this fantastic list of Wedding officiants, who are essential if you want to have a civil ceremony. BONUS: some of them are also fabulous MC’s, too!

A great Wedding Celebrant guides you through the legalities of the promises you make to one another. They also set the tone and mood for the rest of your wedding day so you want to get this choice just right. It’s our pleasure to introduce you to this excellent list of wedding celebrants. We’ll be finding it hard to choose just one from this list ourselves. So at that.. go forth and read more about these lovely humans below and be sure to reach out and tell them we sent you!

Married By Adam

Claire Belford

Monty King

Jessie Cacchillo

Elizabeth Trevan

Marry Me Nicky

Married By Lisa

Jo Booth

Married By Adam - Wedding Celebrant

Married By Adam

Adam is just the epitome of a fun guy. In essence, he loves having a beer, listening to good tunes, and hanging out with dogs. With a background as a performer, he’s a modern celebrant whose ceremony style injects fun into the ceremony while still letting everyone have a bit of a happy cry. It’s out with the old and dull ceremonies and in with the weddings full of laughs – setting the tone for the party to come! We’ve been at plenty of Ceremonies with Adam where we’ve been laughing, cheering, and clapping along to your special day before finishing with a bit of an ugly cry.


Claire Belford - Northern Beaches Wedding Celebrant

Claire Belford

Appointed in 2009, Claire Belford is a highly experienced and award-winning marriage celebrant based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Recognised as an industry leader and one of Sydney’s most popular celebrants, Claire has a reputation for delivering engaging and personalised ceremonies, with a warm and professional service. Her professionalism and experience radiates, and she expertly guides each of her couples through the legal and creative processes getting married. We love working with Claire and can’t recommend her enough!


Monty King - Newcastle Wedding Celebrant

Monty King

We’re not shy about sharing good things, and this guy is certainly one of our fav good things ever! One of the best “love rustlers” we know, professional Marriage Celebrant and MC @montykingcelebrant tells your story without the fluff! If you’re looking for an all-round excellent bloke to get you royally hitched and leave a lasting impression, head over to Monty’s IG and find out what he’s all about.


Jessie Cacchillo - Wedding Celebrant

Jessie Cacchillo

Making beautiful moments meaningful is Jessie’s passion. With over 1000 weddings experience already (no, I’m not kidding), she’s ever excited by each and every couple she meets – and every story she has the honour of sharing.

What they say is true. Experience really counts. Jessie has seen and learnt and done so much along the way, but is always listening to what you want and what you need. Her wedding ceremonies are entirely personalised to be right for you. They are always romantic, honest, authentic and fun!

We love her contemporary approach, fresh new ideas and absolute attention to detail to every thoughtful wedding ceremony she performs.


Lizzie Trevan - Wedding Celebrant

Elizabeth Trevan

Elizabeth Trevan has been rocking the wedding world in her role as a civil celebrant since 2004 conducting weddings, funerals, parties, anything! Over the years, she has found a passion for creating ceremonies that are written in collaboration with the couple, which are authentic to their style and personalities.

It is important part of her practice to get to know her couples, understand their humour, love and lifestyle, and assist them in creating a ceremony that is fun, personally-crafted and beautifully orchestrated. Through her professionalism and desire to develop a balanced approach to such an important rite of passage, she inspires couples and opens the way for them to use their own creativity to craft a ceremony that will proudly be remembered for a lifetime. We love Lizzy’s finesse for delivering a thoughtful and authentic ceremony.


Marry Me Nicky - Wedding Celebrant

Marry Me Nicky

Nicky prides herself on the connection that she forms with her couples and is passionate about making sure that your wedding ceremony is the highlight of your big day. Nicky has been helping to start the party and set the tone for awesome weddings since 2014. We’re delighted to have worked with Nicky on many occasions and she brings such a warm and bubbly energy to an unforgettable ceremony that is also down-to-earth and a bloody good time for all.


Married By Lisa - Wedding Celebrant

Married By Lisa

Lisa simply loves meeting new clients and explaining everything in person (talking, planning, laughing and having fun with her clients is what she does best!). Becoming a celebrant was a lifelong dream and in 2009 she qualified and began what has been the most fun, rewarding and exhilarating career. Being a celebrant comes naturally to Lisa, and she has been loving marrying couples every since.

There’s so much to love about this job – meeting new friends, planning and getting involved in every part of their day, and standing proud and happy beside them on their big day. This is what Lisa absolutely loves doing. To take couples through the whole journey – from planning, to writing a bespoke ceremony, to having fun on the day delivering it for her couples and their guests. We are in awe of Lisa and her way with words, we think she’s a brilliant ceremony writer.


Jo Booth - Wedding Celebrant

Jo Booth

Jo Booth is a Sydney wedding celebrant who also LOVES to MC wedding receptions and other events. She stands out as a charismatic person who has years of experience working on loads of different types of events. She is BUSTING to make your wedding ceremony or special event fun, unique, and one you will never forget. Her organisation skills will ensure it runs to time with all vendors doing their part whilst everyone has a bloody good time whilst seeing you into married life.


Find An Authorised Commonwealth Celebrant

If you still need help to find an authorised celebrant then visit marriage.ag.gov.au.

Finding a good officiant isn’t as easy as you’d think, most people just pick one from Google. That’s why we’ve created this list of our favorite NSW Wedding Celebrants. Keep searching until you find someone you feel comfortable with!

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