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How To Choose Those Hard to Pick Wedding Songs

How to choose those hard to pick wedding songs

The right music can magically highlight an important moment by providing the perfect atmosphere. The choice of which moments you want to celebrate (and which old traditions you’re happy to ditch), is up to you! Here’s a few hot tips on how to choose those hard to pick wedding songs, to help you plan your special songs across your special day.


Processional / Entrance(s) –

You might like to consider a song for anyone special coming down the aisle, as well as the Bride or Groom to-be. Feel free to be non traditional and embrace your personality here. A romantic choice is great, but so is honouring a friend who may be walking you down the aisle. We’ve seen brides and grooms come down the aisle singing and dancing, much to the joy of wedding guests!

Signing of the Register 1st song –

Music here is often more about the guests, as they’re typically waiting and watching at this time, so feel free to bear them in mind when making your choice. Often something upbeat is surprisingly welcome here, as is a romantic or folk song choice. Keeping your guests entertained at this time is a great idea to keep everyone excited about what’s about to happen next!

Signing of the Register 2nd song –

We do recommend having a second choice here as often the signing of the register takes more time than expected… making your way to the signing table, adjusting your gown, shuffling seats, getting photos, returning to the aisle, etc.

Recessional / Exit  –

Again feel free to choose a much loved favourite tune! This is a chance to be upbeat and celebratory here whilst your guests are applauding / throwing petals / hugging you madly! Often it’s great to bust straight into the chorus of your chosen tune here, as it gets straight to the heart of what is the happiest moment of your day!

Wedding Party / Wedding Couple Entrance(s) –

You might like to consider a song for anyone special entering the Reception, as well as the newly married couple. Again – this is a chance to be fun with your choices! The entrances are often quite short, so you may only hear the chorus of a song here, keep that in mind and pick a choice that packs a punch! Stuck on songs, ask your wedding party to choose their favs.

Cutting of the Cake –

Again, music here is often more about the guests, as they’re typically waiting and watching at this time. Feel free to bear them in mind when making your choice. Often a song that alludes to Sugar, or being sweet is an obvious choice, but don’t be afraid to be bold and choose something like ‘Cut The Cake’ by Average White Band. (check it out!).

First Dance –

HOT TIP 1: if you’re not a “dancer” then feel free to invite your wedding party or guests to the dancefloor after the first chorus, so you’re not dancing alone for long. Often your MC is happy to jump on the mic to announce this, or your singer/DJ can do it for you.

HOT TIP 2: If you want to BE a dancer, hook-up with a great teacher / choreographer who can make you feel at ease and help you throw in a few dazzling moves! We highly recommend our friend & choreographer Sophie, from Motif Dance. The First Dance often also kicks off the 1st PARTY SET for your Band or DJ- so don’t be afraid to have fun with your song choice.

Father Daughter Dance (or Dance with your Parents)  –

A more traditional moment of the day. If you choose to do this, it’s often the courtesy to ask your Father Mother if they’re keen to do it, and if they have a preferred song choice. Best to get them thinking about this sooner rather than later, as often we’ve found Dads/Mums leave it to the last minute to decide on a song as their speech is often higher priority. This is also a great song/moment to kick-off your 2nd PARTY SET for your Band or DJ.

Bouquet Toss –

The Bouquet Toss, which is a more traditional moment of the day, is becoming less and less common, but we still play them often, and the winner is always ‘Single Ladies’ by Queen ‘Yonce, no question!

Garter Toss –

Again, another traditional moment of the day which is becoming less and less of a thing, but we often still do it. Just bear in mind it’s a fine line between trying to be funny, yet tasteful… lest it become something else entirely!

Farewell / Exit –

Again, feel free to choose a much loved favourite tune! You may want to think about how you will want to say goodbye to your guests, and how you’ll be leaving the venue. This may be a Farewell Tunnel or Goodbye Circle, for example. Or if you’d rather skip the goodbye part, make sure you pick your ultimate party tune for the last song (or two) of the night!


Choosing songs in general

Ask the experts

If you’ve hired great musicians or a DJ, or you’re working with an agency like us, be sure to ask their advice. Ultimately when it comes to how to choose those hard to pick wedding songs, allowing your artists to choose the best songs from their repertoire which will suit your special moments. Be sure to highlight selections from their song-list that are your much-loved favs and must-hear songs, too! Share with your musicians or DJ a list of your greatest hits, favourite artists, (or even ones you loathe). It’s often a great guide for Your Band or DJ to select songs across the day.

Share the love

Stay true to your tastes, whilst also considering your guests, particularly when it’s party-time! Do you want all your mates to be rocking-out to your high-school favs? Or will all your Disco-Queen Mumma and your Aunties be cutting the rug like it’s Saturday Night Fever? You’ve put a lot of time into considering your guest list, now you want your guests to enjoy themselves. Choose a selection of your favourite hits, but be sure to think about the demographic of those who’ll be there and keen to party!

Avoid break-up songs, and sad songs.

It’s no secret that some of the greatest songs in the world are written in moments of heartache. However just because a song sounds beautiful, doesn’t mean it’s got good ju-ju on a day where you’re supposed to be celebrating life-long love. When in doubt, Google those lyrics to make sure you haven’t chosen Taylor Swift’s latest attempt at revenge against her ex-lover.

Make a do-not-play list.

Similarly, make a do-not-play list. Nothing is more awkward than accidentally hearing the song your Maid-Of-Honour walked down her aisle to! Or a song you and your ex used to make-out to in high school.


Great wedding song resources

Spotify Apple Music playlists:  based on your tastes, make a small list and grow it based on Recommendations. It’s always a great way to find new songs that you didn’t know you loved.

Soundhound & Shazam: Great for when you’re on the go and hear a song, and want to find out the artists name & song title for future reference.

For more information about what we can do for you, check out our FAQ’s or Frequently Asked Questions.

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