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Our Favourite NSW Wedding Photographers

Photography: Hello Sweetheart

Working with a wedding photographer is one of the most important parts of your big day. While wedding photography is a hugely personal choice, we’re excited to share our list of our favourite NSW Wedding Photographers.

There’s a lot to think about when planning your wedding, but finding the right photographer is one of the most important decisions. Your decor, dress, flowers, and cake can all look perfect on the day of, but it’s the skillful shooting, expert lighting, thoughtful composition, and fly-on-the-wall discretion that will shape your memories as you look back on your wedding photos in the years to come.

Have you ever wondered what makes one photograph more beautiful than another? There are so many factors that go into creating an amazing photo and it can be hard to pinpoint what exactly makes one stand out from the rest. Wedding photography is such an emotional and special experience that you want to make sure it’s captured by someone who knows what they’re doing and can deliver wedding photos with finesse.

These are the photographers we recommend when asked and those we trust to capture the beautiful moments and intimate details of a wedding day. Many of these talented wedding photographers have captured events all over the world; some approaching their work with a documentarian’s eye, while others are all about sheer romance. As for some of the best in NSW wedding photographers, they’re all here for you below.

Finding the perfect wedding photographer can be an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be. With so many professional photographers out there, you need to know what makes one better than another. So, we’ve also included some advice for you about finding that right wedding photographer for you and your wedding day.

The Wedding Photography Process: How To Find The Perfect Photographer For Your Wedding Day.

Start with referrals (like ours!)

Ask friends or family members who they used for their weddings, or ask your wedding venue or vendors if they have any recommendations. If not, get your hands on a couple of lovely wedding magazines, or jump online to read to some wedding directories (check out our 8 Wedding Websites You Should Visit For Inspiration). You may even want to check online reviews as well or you can just go by the lovely words we’ve written about them 🙂 You can either go through referrals provided by each vendor, or simply Google “photographer name + reviews” to see if anyone has posted any online. It’s also important to note that not everyone provides client testimonials so even if no one posts anything online, there may still be other ways to verify their work. Such as good old instagram! 

Check out their wedding portfolios

Once you narrow down your list based on recommendations, take time to look through each photographers portfolio. There’s more to your decision than just choosing a style you like. How have they captured the mood and emotion of their previous clients? Are they capturing candid moments? Do their subjects appear genuine and natural in their shots? Are they intimate or adventurous? An experienced wedding photographer will have their own unique style that reflects themselves and their personality. They should also show off their skills and experience in capturing emotional moments throughout the day. Look at all aspects of their work including lighting techniques, posing styles, composition, etc. It’s important to see examples of different types of photography because this helps you decide which photographer best suits your needs and matches the aesthetic you desire.

Talk to them – they’re the experts

Take your time and talk things over with your potential vendors. Make sure you understand what services they offer, what equipment they use, and most importantly, what kind of personalities do they bring to the table? We’ve found that people tend to gravitate towards those who share similar interests and values.  Do they seem friendly and make you feel at ease? Do they make you laugh? These are all questions you should consider asking yourself during this process. During these meetings, discuss topics including location preferences, shooting styles, types of shots desired, budget expectations, etc.
Find out where they shoot, whether they specialise in certain areas such as engagement shoots, bridal portraits, etc., and what photography packages they offer.  All of these details help determine how comfortable you are working with them during the planning process and on your wedding day.

Book your wedding photographer early

Due to high demand, quality vendors in the wedding industry book months ahead of time. Often a Wedding photographer is one of the first wedding vendors on the list to be booked. This means they might already be booked up when you start looking for a wedding photographer, especially in NSW.  So don’t wait until last minute to call around. The earlier you contact them, the greater chance you’ll have of getting someone available. Also keep in mind that booking too close to your wedding date could mean paying additional fees to work around their existing (demanding) schedule.

Consider your shoot locations

Location plays such an integral role in every aspect of your wedding. From where your Ceremony and Reception locations are, to the location you’ll have your portraits taken after the Ceremony. This includes everything from the venue itself, to the surrounding area. A professional wedding photographer will either know your venue well, or will take the time to do so. Part of their job is know when and where to capture unforgettable moments.
Don’t forget to consider weather conditions. What will you do if it rains? What will you do if it’s extremely hot? (Yep, that’s Australian weather for you!) Will it be windy? What kind of light does the sun provide? All these factors play into determining the ideal setting for photographs on your wedding day and a great photographer will be able to chat through all the options available for you.

Look into pricing options

Some photographers offer packages where they take care of everything including location scouting, photography, editing, printing, albums, etc. Others charge by the hour which means that you pay only for the time spent shooting. A more expensive option may include additional equipment or an additional shooter. Bear in mind if your photographer will be with you for the majority of your day you’ll need to feed and water them. Be sure to let your venue or wedding planner know they’ll be there and Your venue or caterer will be able to provide a ‘crew meal’ for your vendors.

Here are some inclusions that typically come in a Wedding Photography package. Be sure to ask what is included in your package and what might be an additional cost;

  • Photography style
  • Working hours
  • Gears and Equipment usage
  • Editing
  • Online Gallery
  • Extra charges (Transportation, accommodation, extra materials)
  • Digital and physical albums (printed materials, usb’s, downloadable files, etc…)
NSW Wedding Photographer Fiona and Bobby
Photography: Fiona And Bobby

Our List Of Our Favourite NSW Wedding Photographers

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite wedding photographers in NSW. It was difficult narrowing them down, but we hope this will help you find the right photographer for you. We’ve had the pleasure of personally working with each and every vendor on this list. They each create those stunning photos that make us swoon every time we see them.

Check out our list below of our favourite NSW wedding photographers and we hope you can find the perfect match for your big day!

Gui Jorge
Hello Sweetheart
Milton Gan
Fiona And Bobby
Cavanagh Photography
Days Like These
Folk & Follow
Ann Marie Yuen
Mr Wigley

Gui Jorge

Your Wedding pictures are bound to be beautiful and are guaranteed to be enviable with Gui Jorge behind the lens. With a laid-back approach and a photography style that thrives on the elation you experience on your wedding day, the result is high-quality, gorgeous wedding photos that you’ll love looking at forever.


Hello Sweetheart

Hello Sweetheart are a small collective of super talented photographers & videographers. They started attending weddings as professional party guests in 2015 and have since photographed over 400 couples, eaten kilograms of wedding cake and become one of Sydney’s most trusted wedding vendors.


Milton Gan

By blending artistic vision and photojournalistic instincts to capture the spirit of adventure, Milton Gan’s approach is centered on storytelling. He has photographed hundreds of couples in the previous ten years and successfully captured precious moments to keep them forever.


Fiona And Bobby

Just like you, Fiona and Bobby are a little bit different. A little quirky, a little sassy, a little goofy and a little romantic. They see themselves not just as photographers, but as an artistically driven duo who think outside the triangle. They’ll be the Wes Anderson to your adventurous story, with just a dash of subtle direction and a handful of giggles.

We highly recommend you venture together with Fiona and Bobby, rave about the music you love, the movies that inspire you, what drives your passions and why we love, whilst discovering more along this one wild life we have.


Cavanagh Photography

When Cavanagh Photography started, Adam did photograph other things like corporate gigs etc, but weddings are what he is really drawn to. He loves the positivity and beauty of wedding days. Weddings, for Adam, really pushed all aspects of photography. Technically, mentally and most importantly, artistically. On a wedding day, Adam realises he is a landscape photographer, a product photographer, and photojournalist, a family photographer, a fine art photographer and a storyteller, all in one. And that something he really loves, and we love too!


Days Like These

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Days Like These on many occasions and he (Dax, the Man!) is a delight to work with. Not only do they do Wedding Photography, but the Days Like These team also offer wedding planning, hair and makeup, and more. What a talented bunch they are. Definitely check them out or see more of their work from Bebeah Farm Love Fest 2020.


Folk and Follow

Fuelled by their knack for natural storytelling that captivates us, Folk & Follow uses their skills to capture that moment that would otherwise be forgotten. Skilled at perfectly capturing those sweet, intimate glimpses between their couples along with killer dance floor and bridal party shots, the pictures capture real moments that radiate pure joy and happiness.


Ann Marie Yuen

The fact that out of the seven billion or so people on this earth, they found each other and commit to being there for one another no matter what – Anne Marie truly believes this is one of the most beautifully pure and humbling things in life to witness, let alone photograph. She loves to make the experience for her couples fun, high-spirited and powered by pure elation.


Mr Wigley

‘Tangy, quirky, and loads of happiness’ is how we would describe Mr. Wigley Photography. To make your wedding the biggest party you can ever have, Mr Wigley focuses on highlighting the fun of your special day, resulting in personalized pictures of your authentic self.


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