Introducing Emma and Harrison: A Love Story by the Sea

In the midst of a world grappling with the challenges of a global pandemic, love found a way to flourish. Emma and Harrison, two souls intricately connected through years of shared orbit, officially crossed paths during the unprecedented times of COVID-19, courtesy of social media. A single beach walk altered the course of their lives, etching the beginning of a beautiful love story into the sands of Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

The soundtrack to their day was carefully curated with the help of Event Entertainers, specifically choosing Jess and Matt for their live music needs. The couple fell in love with Jess and Matt on social media, captivated not only by their musical talent but also by their genuine warmth as a couple. The processional and recessional songs held particular significance, symbolising cherished moments in their journey as a couple.

Delving into the romantic tale of Emma and Harrison, we sat down with them both to unveil the intricate details of their love story and their journey working with us here at Event Entertainers. Discover the inspiration behind their chosen style and decor, the emotions that swept over them on their wedding day, and the significance of carefully selected music. In a world marked by the challenges of a global pandemic, their paths converged in a serendipitous encounter on social media during lockdown. Join us as we explore the enchanting moments of their relationship, from a surprise proposal on a cliff overlooking the Northern Beaches to the careful selection of venues that encapsulated the essence of their love.

This interview takes you on a journey through their unique love story, offering insights into the choices they made and the advice they have for couples embarking on their own wedding planning adventure. Get ready to be captivated by the magic of Emma and Harrison’s love, as we unravel the layers of their unforgettable wedding experience.

How did you meet?

During covid on social media after having spent years in each others orbit but never officially meeting. One beach walk later and the rest is history!

How did they propose?

On a cliff overlooking the beautiful Northern Beaches during a hike. We are always happiest when we are together by the ocean. He caught me by surprise, after spending the drive there explaining why we weren’t going to get engaged until the following year! When he dropped down to one knee, pulled out the most beautiful ring and asked me to marry him, I couldn’t believe it. It was the perfect moment.

How/why did you choose your venue/location to tie the knot?

We settled on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, as our happy place is by the water and we wanted to achieve that destination beach wedding feeling but somewhere close enough to home to make it more convenient for our guests. Snapperman Beach Reserve’s palm tree lined aisle & secluded, stunning waterfront location had us sold straight away for our ceremony. We then fell in love with Moby Dicks for our reception venue the moment we saw it. We loved the relaxed beachy vibe and the beautiful style that embodies the Boathouse name.

What was the inspiration behind your style/decor?

We wanted to achieve a look that really encapsulated the venues we had chosen and our style as a couple. Our favourite colour is blue so a blue and white colour scheme was a no brainer for us. We tried to combine a beachy-tropical vibe but with a sophisticated edge through our refined details. Our stunning florals by Wild Lotus and custom stationary by the brilliant Amber Made really helped tie our vision together.

What was the overall feeling of the wedding day?

Love! The day was a beautiful celebration of love between us as a couple and all of our amazing friends and family. I think the main feeling we felt on the day was a whole lot of love.

Any favourite moments of the wedding day?

Seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony! The moment where we locked eyes for the first time was just magic. Hearing each others personalised vows was also a big highlight and something we will never forget. We loved the little moments where it was just the two of us and we could soak it all in and celebrate our love story.  

Advice for future couples?

You do you! Don’t get caught up in tradition and doing things because you feel you have to. It’s a day to celebrate your love and what you both love most so make it the day of your dreams. We’re so grateful we took that approach and had the most magical day.

What was important to you when you were looking for your music vendor?

We wanted a one stop shop for our music, we felt this would help the day flow better and the process easier to manage. Acoustic live music for our ceremony and a DJ with some form of musician for our reception that could be organised together. We wanted to chose artists that spoke to us as a couple and catered to our music tastes. Event Entertainers provided this for us.

Why did you choose Event Entertainers and our Artists Jess & Matt for your wedding day entertainment?

Event Entertainers offered everything we were looking for. They were great communicators from day one and we knew that would help us to achieve our dream day, which they absolutely did!

We had seen Jess & Matt on social media and fell in love with them! Their voices are magic and you could tell they were a beautiful couple inside and out.

What songs (processional, recessional, first dance, etc) were the most important to you/did they hold any particular significance? How did you choose these songs?

The most important songs for us were the processional and recessional songs. These symbolised the moments we knew we would treasure the most, seeing each other for the first time on our wedding day and the moment we could celebrate officially being married! We knew immediately what songs we wanted for these moments, as they captured our love as a couple and bring back so many beautiful memories together for us both. Jess & Matt performed them so beautifully, we wish we could listen to them perform them again on repeat!

What was one of your favourite things about working with us?

The people! The Event Entertainers team are so fantastic to work with and we can’t recommend them more highly. They were so organised, took away all the stress and went above and beyond to ensure our music was everything we could’ve dreamed of and more.

Jess, Matt & Jimmy were such rays of sunshine and their talent is just exceptional. They made our milestone moments so magical and they created such a fun atmosphere on the day. The day ran so smoothly and we didn’t have to worry about a thing. We can’t recommend them enough and wish we could have another wedding day so we can hear them play again!

As we draw the curtains on this enchanting interview with Emma and Harrison, their love story is a testament to the resilience of romance in the face of challenging times. From the serendipitous meeting during a pandemic to a surprise cliffside proposal and a dream wedding on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, every chapter of their journey resonates with the power of enduring love.

We hope Emma and Harrison’s insights into their wedding planning process, style choices, and cherished moments serve as an inspiring guide for couples embarking on their own path to matrimony. Their advice, to break free from traditions and create a day that authentically reflects yourselves as a couple, echoes with sincerity and resonates with the spirit of individuality.

If you find yourself inspired by their story and wish to embark on a similar journey, we invite you to connect with us. Whether it’s choosing the perfect musicians, curating a unique musical style for your day, or selecting music that speaks to your hearts, we at Event Entertainers are here to turn your dreams into reality. Let your love story be the next enchanting chapter we bring to life.

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Venue: Ceremony: Snappermans Beach Reserve. Reception: Moby Dicks, Whale Beach 

Additional ceremony styling: Cloud 9

Photographer & Videographer: The Story of Us

Event Entertainment: Event Entertainers Jess and Matt

Stationary: Amber Made

Florist: Wild Lotus

Transport: Kombi Weddings

Dress: Katherine Tash

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